Stokab in Brief

Stokab is owned by the City of Stockholm, and is an independent provider of passive infrastructure in the form of optical fibres, with no active termination equipment, known as dark fibre.

Since the start in 1994, the goal of the company has been to build a competition-neutral infrastructure capable of meeting future communication needs and spurring economic activity, diversity and freedom of choice, as well as minimising disruption to the city's streets.

Stokab furnishes an open and competition-neutral fibre network in order to simulate the advancement of the Stockholm region.

We offer fibre connections on equivalent terms to both operators and companies, as well as public sector operations that have need of data communications. Our network is the world's largest fibre network, with a length of about 1.8 million fibre kilometres.

Contact us

AB Stokab

Pastellvägen 6, floor 4 and 5, Johanneshov

Box 6813, 113 86 Stockholm

Telephone switchboard: 
+46 (0)8 508 30 200

Customer Service/Sales:
+46 (0)8-508 30 250



Customer Networks/Operations:
+46 (0)8-508 30 260

+46 (0)8-508 30 400

Press contact:

Susanne Lekengård
Head of Communications

+46 (0)8 508 30 240

+46 (0)76-123 02 40

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Monday-Thursday: 8.00 – 16.45
Friday: 8.00 – 16.15