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With the world’s largest open fibre network at our disposal, we can quickly and easily make arrangements to meet your specific fibre needs. All you need to get started is a VAT-number.

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We lease dark fibre

Telecom operators, businesses, local authorities and organisations can lease dark fibre from Stokab. In addition to fibre optics, Stokab provides space in nodes and/or hubs in which customers can install communication equipment needed to connect their own networks to those of others.

Stokab provides a dark fibre connection between two requested addresses on the fibre network. Either the customer activates the connection using their own telecom equipment or they purchase capacity from, any of the more than 100 active operators who already exist in the network. The fixed monthly fee for the connection is the same, regardless of the capacity set in the customer's equipment.

The Stokab model

This is often referred to as the Stokab model – leasing only passive fibre infrastructure. There are few, if any other companies in Europe that have this structure. 

Illustration of the Stokab model present in a matrix structure

Schematic diagram of the telecom and datacommunication market in Stockholm.