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With the world’s largest open fibre network at our disposal, we can quickly and easily make arrangements to meet your specific fibre needs. All you need to get started is a company ID number – our friendly staff will be delighted to help you with the rest!

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Geographic region

The map below shows where Stokab is able to supply fibre.

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Stokab´s dark fibre network is available within the geographical region as you can see in figure above. Stokab has established its fibre network exclusively within the greater Stockholm area. The network stretches from Norrtälje to Nynäshamn and also provides fibre optic connections to and from networks in Enköping, Västerås, Eskilstuna, Strängnäs and Södertälje, and to several islands in the Stockholm archipelago. 

Stokab's Fibre Network

Stokab's fibre network is composed of nodes and cross connect switches. If you order a dark fibre between two existing premises, the fibre will always pass a number of cross-connections.

At anytime during the request for quote it is possible to request an estimated value for the attenuation of the accessline.

Schematic sketch

Schematic sketch of how the rental fee is based on the linear distance (”as the crow flies”) between the addresses